Jazzklub: Clémence Manachère UNTERWASSER

11. Mai 2023

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

Beginn: 20:30 Uhr

Eintritt gegen Spende!
Clémence Manachère comes from the seaside mountains of the South West of France. Starting at age 10 she learned to play classical piano for 8 years at the Pau Conservatory of Music. At 14 she took part in the festival „les Enfants du Jazz“ and heard Elvin Jones live in Barcelonnette, her grandmother’s village in the „Alpes de haute Provence“ – her baptism in jazz. At 16 she bought her first flute and began to learn the instrument as an autodidact. From 18 to 24 she studied architecture in France and Mexico City. During her final year at the architecture school of Paris-Belleville, she took lessons with saxophonist and flutist Guillaume Naturel.
From Paris she traveled to Brazil and since then decided to dedicate herself fully to music. In Rio de Janeiro she played in the Orchestra da Escola Portátil de Chorro and in the Orquestra da Pro Arte where she participated in a project with João Bosco.
Back in Europe she studied jazz flute at the music school Berlin-Neukölln and since October 2017 she has added the soprano saxophone studying at Hamburg’s Hochschule with Fiete Felsch and Gabriel Coburger. She also took rhythm and drums classes with Mark Nauseef for two years. Mark’s rhythmic visions are a big impulse for her composing and improvising.
In order to bring her compositions to life, she launched in 2018 her project „Clémence Manachère Unterwasser“.
She has already recorded two albums with „Unterwasser“ under the label Cattitude Records, released in February 2020 and May 2022.
For four years the band has been playing many concerts in Hamburg and in North Germany. Clémence has received the „Mixed Generations“ grant from the Feldtmann Foundation and the Jazz Federation Hamburg for a tour with „Unterwasser“ and the Norwegian trombone player Helge Sunde at the end of April 2022. The inspirations for Clémence’s music span from jazz to classical music, going through Frank Zappa and Brazilian music. The sound of her group is unique thanks to the unique compositions and combination of personalities. Pushing possibilities of composition and improvisation is a main goal for Clémence, no matter if it is about odd meters, microtonal music or both.
Clémence is living in Hamburg, improvising and composing music.
Clémence Manachère UNTERWASSER small Ensemble
Clémence Manachère, flute, piccolo flute, soprano saxophone, composition
Nico Bauckholt, bass
Moritz Hamm, drums
Ab 16 Jahren